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Do you often train with your brother Roelly Winklaar? My brother and I train whenever we are together, but considering that we are usually located in individually different countries at most points in time, we do not train that frequently together. Presently Roelly lives in Curaçao and I live in Trinidad. What mistakes did you make as a newbie Roelly Winklaar: How To Build Big Delts. Do you know who is the most massive among all active bodybuilders? There are few notable ones - 7 times Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath, Big Ramy, Kai Greene and Justin. But if you really want to see inhuman mass and muscle, the best example is The Dutch Beast Roelly Winklaar

Quincy Winklaar has always been an inspiration to others, first as an Army veteran, then as a police office and now as a bodybuilder with his motivational videos inspiring fans to try bodybuilding. Winklaar himself was first inspired to be a bodybuilder by his older brother Roelly Winklaar Roelly is a father of three children (Nygel Winklaar, Daniyah Rijsenburg, Quianah Winklaar). H e has one brother Quincy Winklaar and two sisters Etienne Winklaar, Edcharda Winklaar. Funny fact is that Roelly's nickname in the Caribbean means Samurai. What are your career highlights Egberton Rulove Roelly Etienne-Winklaar (born March 26, 1977) is a Curaçaoan IFBB professional bodybuilder and currently has a Mr. Olympia 3rd place finish. He was also crowned the people's champion at the 2018 Mr. Olympia with the debut of the fan vote IFBB Official Roelly Winklaar Fanpage, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles. 143K likes. IFBB PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDER, PROTAN ATHLETE, NEBBIA CLOTHING.. Roelly and Quincy Winklaar Posing (Team Andro) part 1 by chdan151. 2:50. Play next; Play now; Roelly Winklaar Video Blog 02-14-11 by BSN. 3:31. Roelly Winklaar Shoulders and Chest Workout 5 weeks out from the Arnold Classic by PRO BODYBUILDING NEWS. 8:16. Play next

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Roelly Winklaar last interview from the year 2013. Dont forget to follow roelly on instagram, facebook and twitter not to forget Flex Online and BSN Supplements. WinklaarTV uploaded and posted 5 years ag For Quincy Winklaar, brother to Open Weight bodybuilding standout Roelly Winklaar, he has found his perfect swolemate in his wife Kai. While Quincy Winklaar has built up an impressive physique in his own right, his wife Kai is nothing short of impressive as she has built a body that Wonder Woman. Egberton Rulove Roelly Etienne-Winklaar was born and raised in the Dutch-controlled Caribbean island of Curacao. Although he enjoyed bodybuilding from a young age, he only became serious about the sport after a near-fatal car crash brought his life into focus We explain why and serve up a typical Winklaar delt workout. By the way, this routine is done by Winklaar as well as his younger brother Quincy, who also follows Peeters' principles. Quincy placed fifth in the light-heavy class of this year's Arnold Amateur, just before big bro Roelly hit his first pro pose. WINKLAAR PRINCIPLE

Quincy's main influence is his older brother Roelly Winklaar. Roelly has been an IFBB bodybuilder for decades, and came to prominence in 2009 when he won the IFBB Arnold Amateur Championships. He was Quincy's main trainer growing up, and continues to inspire him to reach his goals today Egberton Rulove Roelly Etienne Winklaar (June 22, 1977; Curaçao) AKA The Beast backstage with 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis to support his little brother Quincy Winklaar @ the IFBB New York Pro Roelly is a father of three children (Nygel Winklaar, Daniyah Rijsenburg, Quianah Winklaar). And has one brother Quincy Winklaar and two sisters Etienne Winklaar, Edcharda Winklaar. Roelly loves his mother's cooking skills and visits her as often as he can on the Island of Curacao

Roelly Winklaar (June 22, 1977; Curaçao) and his younger brother Quincy (February 1, 1983) guest posing in a shop in Germany in February of 2010. Category Sport

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