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Define sage. sage synonyms, sage pronunciation, sage translation, English dictionary definition of sage. n. One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom. adj. sag·er , sag·est 1. Having or exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment Sage definition, a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom. See more sage definition: 1. wise, especially as a result of great experience: 2. a plant whose greyish-green leaves are used as a herb to give flavour to some foods: 3. a person, especially an old man, who is wise Use the word sage for someone or something wise and judicious. Thanks to the sage advice of your friend, you didn't write your teacher an angry e-mail

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sage definition: The definition of sage is someone or something who is wise or exhibits signs of wisdom or intelligence. (adjective) An example of sage is the advice to always think before you act... Sage is a somewhat prominent first name for women (#3769 out of 4276, Top 88%) and an even more prominent last name for both adults and children (#3109 out of 150436, Top 2%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Sage entered the list in 1990 and reached its top position of #354 in the U.S. in the year 2016 The concept of the sage within Stoicism was an important topic. Indeed, the discussion of Stoic ethics within Stobaeus, which depended on Arius Didymus, spent over a third of its length discussing the sage. The Stoic sage was understood to be an inaccessible ideal rather than a concrete reality What Does The Bible Say About Burning Sage? The truth is that The Bible never mentions smudging or burning sage. Therefore, burning sage for cleansing a space or a person, and to bring healing is basically a sin. You can use sage to make your home smell good. But the belief that smudging sage might have spiritual cleansing properties, is a sin Definition of sage advice in the Idioms Dictionary. sage advice phrase. What does sage advice expression mean? SAGE ADVICE This sage chiffon dress is full of.

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Sages synonyms, Sages pronunciation, Sages translation, English dictionary definition of Sages. n. One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom. adj. sag·er. A perennial herb that grows wild & also people cultivate it in their gardens. It grows up to 3' tall & from 24 to 36 wide. It's highly aromatic & has blue, pink, or white flowers which grown on semi~cone shaped stalks Definition of sage in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of sage. What does sage mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (and phonetic transcription) of the word sage. Information about sage in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms Sage definition: A sage is a person who is regarded as being very wise. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

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  1. Burning sage (also known as smudging) is an ancient spiritual ritual. The most-used sage types have antimicrobial properties. This means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay
  2. Serial analysis of gene expression, a molecular biology technique for measuring mRNA levels SAGE (Soviet-American Gallium Experiment) , a radiochemical experiment in solar neutrino physics Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment , satellites used to study the chemical composition of earth's atmospher
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  4. The name Sage is an American Baby Names baby name. In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Sage is: Wise one. In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Sage is: Wise one. Numerolog
  5. My chosen name is Sage and I'm so happy to have Sage as my legal name now instead of my deadname! I chose Sage as my name years ago while I was in college because I wanted a unisex name to reflect my neutral gender that has great meaning(s) and that I love (I didn't like my deadname very much). My middle name is Sage and I use it for my.
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Sage is a rare first name for men but a very popular last name for both adults and children (#3109 out of 150436, Top 2%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Sage entered the list in 1970-1979 and reached its highest rank of #499 in the U.S. in the year 1997, and is at #546 presently And here is a simple 3-step sage smudging ritual to try: 1. Use loose dried white sage or a white ceremonial sage bundle (aka wand), which is usually bound together by a thin string. You can find sage bundles at your local herb shop or health store, Wiccan/pagan bookstore, metaphysical store, and even some yoga and healing arts centers simple past tense and past participle of sage··broom Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionar Sage Accounts Transaction Types Every time you enter a transaction into Sage Accounts, its details are stored in a list called the audit trail. The audit trail is a complete record of all transaction activity and is often requested by auditors during their investigations Sage Partner Hub Log in to access tools & resources to make the most of your partnership. Sage City Connect with partners and customers to get the answers you need. Sage Marketplace Make life easier for your customers with over 100+ connected apps. See all resource

White sage (Salvia apiana) is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grows prevalently in California and in the Mountain West.For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant Sage is a ceremonial, sacred product; your intention in burning it matters, the cultivation of the sage matters, and the intention of the seller matters. These subtle energies may pass from the people into the sage, and from the sage into the space that you are purifying The name Sage means Herb Or Prophet and is of English origin. Sage is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender If you have a friend named Sage, never let her go, because she might be one of the best things that ever happens to you. An antiquated word meaning a man of deep. Sage: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the boy's or girl's name Sage plus advice on Sage and 50000 other baby names from the bestselling nameberry experts

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saga definition: 1. a long story about Scandinavian history, written in the Old Norse language in the Middle Ages, mainly in Iceland: 2. a long story about past events over a long period of time: 3. a long complicated series of related, usually negative, events: Looking for definition of Sage? Sage explanation. Define Sage by Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, Legal Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Dream Dictionary

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Sage is a short and sweet name that's experienced a modest amount of popularity throughout the years. Meaning wise, Sage also refers to an herbal plant known for its special healing. Ancient Romans called sage a salvation plant (literally, salvare, meaning save or cure), and sage has been used in ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicines for its natural healing. Definition of sage in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is sage? Meaning of sage as a legal term. What does sage mean in.

Sage - the colour Sage is a pale, grayed-green colour, popular in the South-Western decorating style. Sage - the herb Sage is a perennial herb, commonly used in chicken dishes and stuffing for turkey What does sage mean in French? English Translation. wise. More meanings for sage. wise adjective: judicieux, prudent, avis. 90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing. These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully.

Sage can be passed through a person's energy field, or aura, to clear negative energy. This is especially helpful after an argument, a night out on the town or to lighten a depressed mood. To smudge, have them stand in front of you with legs apart, arms open in a T position The name sage, meaning wisdom, appears to have had a different origin, but as the plant was reputed to strengthen the memory, there seems to be ground for believing that those who ate the plant would be wise. Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Curing and Uses. In fear of death, the quiet saint or sage is dying all his life. Archive. With Reverso you can find the French translation, definition or synonym for sage and thousands of other words. You can complete the translation of sage given by the French-English Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Gréviss sage - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free Definition of sage_1 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage

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  1. Video shows what sage means. Wise.. grave; serious; solemn. sage synonyms: deep thinker, egghead, intellectual, punditramona. sage pronunciation. How to pronounce.
  2. Through all of his life experiences, he became a sage to others. Las experiencias que vivió lo convirtieron en un sabio a los ojos de los demás. An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog)
  3. Looking for the definition of SAGE? Find out what is the full meaning of SAGE on Abbreviations.com! 'Serial Analysis of Gene Expression' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource
  4. According to Harrsen, everyone's home can benefit from regular smudging—and knowing how to sage your home correctly is key. After smudging, your space will feel light and balanced, she says
  5. The Sage family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Sage families were found in the USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 125 Sage families living in New York. This was about 39% of all the recorded Sage's in the USA. New York had the highest population of Sage families in 1840

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What does the word sage mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word sage in our free online dictionary The sage is the man who knows how, at a given moment, to effect his own arrest. عاقل کسی است که در یک موقع معین بتواند شخصا به بازداشت کردن خود اقدام کند Sage (pronounced as sah-geh) is a word entered into the e-mail field of any *chan image board (aka Futaba-style boards). Entering 'sage' allows you to add a message to a thread without bumping it, typically with the belief that the thread will die faster (even though that is impossible)

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  1. Sage is a popular garden herb with a sweet and savory aroma. Sage grows well in most temperate climates. Its velvety leaves release their fragrance when rubbed. Sage was used medicinally in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicine. It is now best-known as a culinary herb for the dishes of Autumn, from roast turkey to sausa
  2. Definition of sage written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels
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  4. sage (n.1) kind of herb (Salvia officinalis), early 14c., from Old French sauge (13c.), from Latin salvia, from salvus healthy (from PIE root *sol-whole, well-kept).So called for its healing or preserving qualities (it was used to keep teeth clean and relieve sore gums, and boiled in water to make a drink to alleviate arthritis)
  5. d that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn't mean something bad or unpleasant
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  7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software that connects day-to-day business processes, including: inventory and order management, supply chain, accounting, human resources, procurement, and customer relationship management

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  1. Definition of SAGE in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of SAGE. What does SAGE mean? Information and translations of SAGE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  2. The sage hex code is #BCB88A. Named after the herb, it can also create feelings of warmth or distaste, and depending on personal experience with the color, you may either love it or loathe it. Sage is best used with natural colors like light browns , creams , and forest green
  3. Sage burning is a Native American spiritual tradition that's meant to cleanse. Sage burning, also called smudging, drives negative energies away. Learn more about where to find sage sticks and how to properly burn sage
  4. Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. The hex code for sage green is #B2AC88. The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise person—someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience

The Significance of the Herb Sage. Native to the Mediterranean region, both herbalists and cooks prize the long silvery-green leaves of the culinary sage plant, which grows as a small shrub and sends up stalks of pale purple flowers in the spring. Sage belongs to the genus Salvia, meaning to save, and with varieties found around the world,.. A Sage (仙人, Sennin) is someone who is able to utilise senjutsu and has mastered the art of Sage Mode. It is also a title given to someone because of their renowned power, wisdom, or holy standing Sage is masculine in nature and associated the the element of air and the planet Jupiter. Sage is sacred to the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter. It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary. White sage Salvia apiana is sacred in many Shamanic and Native American belief systems and is used in smudging, and other, ceremonies to purify the body Sage is an herb from the mint family that has a sweet, yet savory flavor. Botanically known as Salvia officinalis, it is native to the Mediterranean region.Sage's botanical name comes from the Latin word salvere, meaning to be saved Sage (name) Sage is a family name and a unisex given name. It can also be spelled Saige or Sayge. Its meaning is herb or prophet

sage ( sāj ) Salvia officinalis, an herb whose leaves contain a volatile oil and are sudorific, carminative, and astringent; they are used as an antisecretory agent in hyperhidrosis, sialorrhea, pharyngitis, and bronchitis Translation of sage at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise person—someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is, thus, a color that can express wisdom. Sage green is, thus, a color that can express wisdom

Definition of Sage. a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom; aromatic fresh or dried grey-green leaves used widely as seasoning for meats and fowl and game etc; any of various plants of the genus Salvia; a cosmopolitan her What does SAGE stand for? All Acronyms has a list of 283 SAGE definitions. Updated July 2019. Top SAGE acronym meaning: Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experimen 1. (n.) A suffruticose labiate plant (Salvia officinalis) with grayish green foliage, much used in flavoring meats, etc. The name is often extended to the whole genus, of which many species are cultivated for ornament, as the scarlet sage, and Mexican red and blue sage

Need to translate Sage from German? Here are 5 possible meanings The botanical name comes from the Latin word salvere, meaning to be saved. 1 A member of the mint family of plants and closely related to rosemary, 2 its warm and musky essence is essential for making the fragrant dressing that goes so well with turkey. A perennial plant growing 1 to 2 feet high, sage produces small,.. sage-green definition: Noun (plural sage greens) 1. A greyish green colour, like that of sage.Adjective (not comparable) 2. Of a greyish green colour, like that of sage..

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People who regularly use sage as a spice seem to have a 54% lower chance of developing lung cancer compared to those who don't use sage. Using a specific spray containing 15% common sage extract (Valverde Salvia Rachenspray) seems to reduce throat pain in people with a sore throat The name Sage is ranked on the 3,431st position of the most used names. It means that this name is commonly used. We estimate that there are at least 100100 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.002% of the population. The name Sage has four characters The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) is designed to detect early signs of cognitive, memory or thinking impairments. It evaluates your thinking abilities and helps physicians to know how well your brain is working. Download Test. How to take the SAGE Test. You do not need special equipment to take SAGE — just a pen and paper Herb, Spices, Leaves name in English and Hindi. Find the Hindi names of common herbs, spices and other items used in Indian recipes. This list also include some common Ayurvedic herbs in English and their Hindi translation

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I evolved this sage reflection, as, lost deep down in the green alleys of the dingle, having fortified the romantic side of my nature with sandwiches and sherry, I lazily put the question to myself as to what manner of girl I expected the Golden Girl to be Sage is an evergreen shrub with dusty gray-green leaves and woody stems. There are many varieties of sage, but the species used for culinary purposes as a seasoning is known as common sage, garden sage, or Salvia officinalis. Sage is prized as a seasoning for its strong aroma and earthy flavor

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The name Salvia derives from the Latin salvere, meaning to cure. Traditionally, sage and its oil have been used to treat a wide range of conditions. Ethanolic tinctures and decoctions have been used to treat inflammation of the oral cavity and GI tract, and sage has also been used as a tonic and antispasmodic SAGE is a leading international provider of innovative, high-quality content publishing more than 1000 journals and over 800 new books each year, spanning a wide range of subject areas. Our growing selection of library products includes archives, data, case studies and video

SAGE affiliate leaders gather to share knowledge and advocate for LGBT elders SAGE affiliates from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., for their annual conference. This year's conference, which was held in March 2019 in conjunction with SAGE's first National Day of Advocacy, brought together the largest group of people in [ Its meaning is derived literally from the ordinary word sage. It represents the transferred use of the vocabulary word as a given name. See Sage for more information. Forms of Sage include the name Saeg, the name Saege, the name Sagia, the name Saig, the English Saige, the Latin Salvia, the name Sayg, and the name Sayge Sage is an exceptional herb that doesn't just add flavor to food, but it can also deliver a variety of health benefits. Know the many benefits of sage herb to your overall health

Sage meaning in Urdu has been searched 57 (fifty-seven) times till 20 Jul, 2019. You can find translation in Urdu and Roman Urdu that is gehra pan - - for the word Sage. The definitions of the word Sage has been described here with maximum details, and also fined different synonyms for the word Sage, like Salvia Sage and Smudge What is Smudging? The modern-day practice of burning sage (or sage combined with other dried herbs) in personal smudging rituals and ceremonies is based on a combination of the spiritual, medicinal, herbal and cultural teachings of the past Sage ACT! is a software application package based on customer relation management (CRM). The software is distributed by Sage Group and is capable of tracking clients and prospects in a centralized database. First released in 1987, ACT! was one of the earliest software programs to address contact management. ACT! has been very popular and. Define sage (adjective) in American English and get synonyms. What is sage (adjective)? sage (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary sage (adjective) American English definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionar

Out of all boy names in its group, Sage was the most widely used in 2017. Though Sage is currently more often than not a girl name, there was a period from 1991 to 1992 when more boys were given the name. From 1993 on, increasingly more girls than boys were named Sage. In 2016, the name Sage was given to 84% more girls than boys Learn the meaning, pronunciation, origin, usage, synonym and antonym of a new word every week. Click For words brings you the very best of all aspects to a word in a fast learnable format

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Tips: In addition to being an adjective, sage can also be a noun, meaning a very intelligent, wise, and experienced person, and in historical and literary contexts, a master or prophet. Sage is also a type of aromatic herb in the mint family I really like the name Sage for a girl but love it for a boy. I think of it as the herb meaning for a girl and the wise meaning for a boy. I really wanted to use it for our boys name but everyone told me that they thought of it as a girls name and said he would get teased so we didn't end up using it which was a real bummer Sage is commonly used to cleanse stagnant energy from a space. Take a bundle of sage and light it. Take a bundle of sage and light it. Fan the smoke around the room with the intent of purifying the area and removing any negative energies Sage is a hardy perennial with pretty, grayish green leaves that like as good in a perennial border as they do in a vegetable garden. It grows spikes of spring flowers in different colors, including purple, blue, white, and pink The great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov (see above), Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (sometimes called Bratzlav, Breslau or Bratislava) was the founder of the Breslover Chasidic sect. Breslov is a town in the Ukraine where Rabbi Nachman spent the end of his life, but some say the name Breslov comes from the Hebrew bris lev, meaning covenant of the.

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Burning sage sometimes called smudging is an old, tried and true, pure method of cleansing a person, group of people, pets, sleep quarters or living and working spaces. Native American sage burning/smudging is the most commonly recognized practice of burning sage. But other cultures have incorporated this practice for many years Sage is a traditional choice for burning and smudging for the Native Americans because of all of the herbs, it is one of the best for cleansing. Medicine People used this herb on people who were ill, to bring them back from the negative place where their body and soul laid Definition of blue sage in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of blue sage. What does blue sage mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (and phonetic transcription) of the word blue sage. Information about blue sage in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms Welcome to Nameberry's newest column, The Name Sage. Every week, Nameberry's Abby Sandel, will answer one reader's questions about naming a baby-on-the-way, or general baby name angst. And here's the best part: we'd love it if you would add your thoughtful suggestions and comments to help expectant parents decide

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The Benefits And Uses of White Sage White sage smudging is an ancient practice used for healing, ceremonial, and energy clearing work. It's also a common tool that many spiritual practitioners and seekers use today to energetically clear and even protect spaces Sage is an excellent lotion for ulcers and to heal raw abrasions of the skin or any insect bite. Sage has also been used traditionally to treat asthma, while the dried leaves of the herb can be included in herbal smoking mixtures for treating asthma