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Upon testing out a few viable captain builds for what is currently my favorite ship in the game, I would like to share some of the findings as well as my thought process around the trade-offs in the new skill tree My Scharnhorst captain is approaching his first 4-point skill but Im not sure what it will be. All the other skills are decided: 1 - Basic Firing Training 1 - Basics of Survivability 2 - Fire Prevention (nothing much useful on this row; turrets are already fast enough) 3 - Vigilance 4 - ??? 5 - M.. Really depends on your captain skills but a good overall 3rd level skill could be vigilance. BFT or demolition expert might be ok choices as well. Not sure if superintendent is an ok choice since the Scharnhorst does not have a lot of consumables

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  1. Scharnhorst expended 400 x 10.5 cm, 900 x 3.7 cm and 6.000 x 2 cm shells. Vice-Admiral Otto Ciliax and Captain Kurt Hoffmann of Scharnhorst were both awarded one of Germany's highest awards, the Knight's Cross. Navigating officer on Scharnhorst, Helmuth Giessler, received the German Cross in gold, and Iron Crosses were handed out lavishly
  2. A rather peculiar capital ship, Scharnhorst in World of Warships is officially a battleship, but frequently plays more like a battlecruiser. Her characteristics are very cruiser-like: top speed above 30 knots with a decent rudder shift time, plus a smaller-caliber main battery than other battleships that trades alpha damage and penetration for good rate of fire and muzzle velocity
  3. Scharn Captain Skill (self.WorldOfWarships) submitted 2 years ago by katten35 USS Kidd DD-661 What skills would you guys recommend for Scharn, 1 line i have Basic survivability and basic fire training. 2 line Expertmarksman, and 3 Vigilance, and fourth Advanced fire training
  4. SCHARNHORST TO NORWAY. 06-09 March 1943: Operation Paderborn.In favourable weather Scharnhorst succeeds in breaking out and is finally trasferred from Germany to Narvik where she is to join the battleship Tirpitz and the heavy cruiser Lützow (ex-Deutschland)
  5. At 19:30, Scharnhorst was only sailing at less than 5 knots, the ship was heavily listed to starboard side and slowly running in circle, Captain Hintze ordered the crew to abandon ship. Meanwhile 36th Division destroyers were arriving to the area as well, and Belfast was delivering her last torpedo from port side

The Scharnhorst was not commissioned until 7 January 1939, more than two years after launching. Her first captain was Kapitän zur See (Captain) Otto Ciliax. Following commissioning she underwent sea trials in the Baltic Sea in early 1939. These trials indicated that modifications were needed to the boilers and overall sea-worthiness I been experimenting this build on my Scharnhorst/Bismarck Captain and have had good success, both my Scharnhorst game have been 150K dmg high calibers. I do go with Full secondary(AFT/Msec) instead of the Stealth build Flamu recommend here as I found the secondary damage to be worth the tradeoff

In this video we go over some builds with the new 0.6.0 captain skills that work with the Premium German Battleships. Hope this helps! Ship Comrade calculato.. Before she went down in hopeless battle against the big ships, however, little Acasta's captain, Commander C.E. Glasfurd, got a torpedo into Scharnhorst. Acasta sank not long afterward. In the finest tradition of the Royal Navy, Glasfurd stood on the bridge-wing smoking a final cigarette as his little ship went down Hello again guys, today I'm bringing you a build that happens to work great on both the Tirpitz and the Scharnhorst, synergizing perfectly with each ships strengths. The German Berserker is a. I currently play my Scharnhorst with my Bismarck captain, i.e. a secondary build captain and it does fine, also run with faster rudder speed module and play it like a heavy cruiser rather than a battleship SINKING OF THE SCHARNHORST. 76. Three cruisers and eight destroyers were now in the target area and DUKE OF YORK steered to the northward to avoid the melee. All that could be seen of the SCHARNHORST was a dull glow through a dense cloud of smoke, which the starshell and searchlights of the surrounding ships could not penetrate

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Captain (later Admiral Sir Frederick Parham GBE, CBE, KCB, CB, DSO) F.R.Parham, and my father were fellow Cadets at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. He was also my God- father. I was only 8 years old at the time of the sinking of the Scharnhorst but I remember him telling me of the role of HMS Belfast in this momentous event with his typical. Captain Skill Calculator for World of Warships. Captain builds can be tested & sent to other warship player References to specific designs, models, manufacturers, and/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks

I stuck this captain out of the way in my Emden where it hasn't moved for weeks. I then started captain 2 with my Scharnhorst and have, when time permits, played my daily in my silver German BB (currently the Bayern), then in my shiney horse and then also in my Tirpitz. This has catapulted it up to I think 13 skill points already Hi i was wondering if someone could give me advice on what new skills to pick for the Scharnhorst (secondary build) =) ive got 16 points to spend at the moment. I ran it with the following skills before the patch: Basics of Survivability Expert Marksman Vigilance AFT Manual Fire Control Secondarie The Battle of the North Cape was a Second World War naval battle which occurred on 26 December 1943, as part of the Arctic Campaign.The German battleship Scharnhorst, on an operation to attack Arctic Convoys of war matériel from the Western Allies to the USSR, was brought to battle and sunk by Royal Navy (RN) forces—the battleship HMS Duke of York plus several cruisers and destroyers—off. The sinking of the Scharnhorst was an enormous psychological blow for the German nation, at the height of World War Two. The wreck has recently been discovered on the sea bed, giving us new. The Scharnhorst's guns don't perform particularly well at range, so the boost provided by the Spotter feels superfluous to me. Recommended Captain Skills. You've got some real choices to make for your Captain Skills with the Scharnhorst. Personally, I think this is a great thing

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238 men died on HMS Rawalpindi. There were 38 survivors. Although a number of British warships converged on the scene, bad weather enabled Scharnhorst and Gneisenau to escape. Captain Kennedy was Mentioned in Despatches. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain spoke in the House of Commons afterwards The Scharnhorst was commissioned nearly 27 months later on January 7th, 1939 and placed under the command of Captain Otto Ciliax. The KMS Scharnhorst, at the time of her commissioning, exhibited a striking outline with a massive bridge superstructure, three triple-main-gun-turrets (two forward, one aft), and a single large stack Commissioned on January 9, 1939, with Captain Otto Ciliax in command, Scharnhorst performed poorly during its sea trials and showed a tendency to ship large amounts of water over the bow. This frequently led to electrical issues with the forward turrets

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  1. The German battle cruiser Scharnhorst was plagued by hard luck throughout her career. By Kelly Bell. Because the victorious Allies had destroyed Imperial Germany's fleet after World War I, Adolf Hitler had no choice but to construct a new navy after he came to power
  2. Battleships have traditionally been the flagships of a given nation's navy, originating from the Age of Sail's ships-of-the-line, to World War I's dreadnoughts, to modern day battleships sporting longer ranges, higher speeds, and advanced equipment
  3. Without Gerhard von Scharnhorst, it is unlikely there would be a Carl von Clausewitz. An officer with extraordinary talents and intellect, and an even more remarkable fate, Scharnhorst forever changed the path of the Prussian Army, molded the idea of the Prusso-German General Staff, and forged som
  4. Was the captain mad? Surely no sane person would pit eight obsolete 6-inch guns against the combined weight of eighteen modern 11-inch monsters, firing at a point-blank range of only 4 miles? and from the other one: On the foretop of the Scharnhorst Captain Kurt Cäsar Hoffmann ordered a third signal to be flashed to the Rawalpindi
  5. The discovery of the wreck of the battlecruiser Scharnhorst has thrown the German authorities into a flurry of indecision: should the ship, once the pride of Hitler's navy, be dragged up from the deep as part of a broader campaign to recognise the country's fallen warriors
  6. Scharnhorst: In the late debate ensued within Germany regarding the size and place of the nation's navy. 11 in battleship Scharnhorst photographed from sister Gneisenau during Operation Berlin, their commerce raiding cruise in the North Atlantic, February 1941 - many photos of both on this board

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The U-boat War in World War Two (Kriegsmarine, 1939-1945) and World War One (Kaiserliche Marine, 1914-1918) and the Allied efforts to counter the threat. This section includes over 21.000 Allied Warships and over 11.000 Allied Commanders of WWII, from the US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, The Polish Navy and others At 17:03, Scharnhorst opened fire, and three minutes later a salvo of her 28 cm guns hit Rawalpindi ' s bridge, killing the captain and the majority of the officers. During the brief engagement, Rawalpindi managed to score a hit on Scharnhorst , which caused minor splinter damage

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  1. The Scharnhorst was the pride of the German navy, considered unsinkable by her crew. A witness describes how she was trapped and sunk by the Royal Navy in 1943
  2. The SS Scharnhorst was a German passenger liner and mail ship launched in 1904. The ship was laid down at the Joh. C. Tecklenborg shipyard in Geestemünde, Germany, for the Norddeutscher Lloyd shipping company
  3. Also in the area was the Britain-bound Convoy RA-55A. On the night of December 25, Scharnhorst and her destroyers sailed from Altenfjord. Commanding the battleship was Captain Fritze Hintze while the attacking force was under the overall command of Rear-Admiral Erich Bey
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  5. The birth of Scharnhorst Scharnhorst was a Gneisenau class battleship, built at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.The building contract was placed on the 25th January, 1934, with the Marinewerft (from 1935 the Kriegsmarine Werft) as a part of Adolf Hitler's rearmament program
  6. g to an end, either during the Battle of the North Cape or in the icy waters of the Barents Sea, as Scharnhorst sank

Initially designed to weigh 18 000 tonnes, it was increased to 20 000 tonnes and finally, 31 800 tonnes. It was brought into service on 7.01.1939. The naval career of the Scharnhorst, frequently conducted together with the Gneisenau, started under the command of Captain Ziliax and Captain Hoffmann GENERAL GERHARD VON SCHARNHORST : MENTOR OF CLAUSEWITZ AND FATHER OF THE PRUSSIAN-GERMAN GENERAL STAFF By Oberstleutnant i.G. Michael Schoy My career is entirely my work, since I became ten years old British and Norwegian officers who took part in North Cape action tell of their experiences. Title reads: The End of the Scharnhorst. Location of events unknown. Various shots of warships. Various shots on the deck of the warship Duke of York. Officers of ships which took part in the North Cape.

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On December 25 1943, the Scharnhorst and accompanying destroyers put to sea to interdict Arctic convoys heading to Russia. However, aware of German plans, the British intercepted the Scharnhorst with a Royal Navy battleship, cruisers and destroyers Dragon is proud to announce its most stunning ship kit ever - a 1/350 scale rendition of the famous German battleship Scharnhorst! The 31,500-ton Scharnhorst was commissioned on January 7 1939, and it often operated in partnership with its sister ship, Gneisenau

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The U.S.S. Scharnhorst was a Federation starship, Sovereign-class, registry NCC-111255, that served in the Starfleet Marine Corps from 2376 until 2384, and in Starfleet proper from 2384 until its placement on the inactive list in 2401 Vice-Admiral Friedrich Huffmeier (left), a former captain of the German battlecruiser 'Scharnhorst', presents a picture to Rear-Admiral Morgan Morgan-Giles, a former captain of the cruiser 'HMS Belfast', which was involved in the sinking of the 'Scharnhorst' during World War II, at a ceremony on the River Thames, 21st October 1971 World of Warships New Captain Skills (v 6.2.0) Guide by Kurbain A) your mileage may vary as skill choices can depend on your playstyle. These distributions are merely recommendations and not the ultimate choice to beat all others German battleship Scharnhorst underway. On 15th March, the Scharnhorst sank a total of 27,277 tons of shipping after a skirmish with a British convoy in the mid-Atlantic. They were pursued by the two fierce battleships, King George V and Rodney, but the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were too fast, and successfully evaded the British in a squall

The Scharnhorst class were the first capital ships, alternatively referred to as battlecruisers or battleships, built for the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) after World War I. The class comprised two vessels: the lead ship Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Scharnhorst was launched first, and so she is.. k003176 schlachtschiff scharnhorst cap talley. c006076 british captain's uniform grouping. c054575 'spirit of the soviet union' book. c054475 wac. 'The Cantankerous Captain of HMS Glorious' drew upon testimony from Captain J.B. Heath, Glorious' senior aviator, who had missed the sinkings due to having been put ashore before she sailed for the final time. Roskill painted a picture of a desperately unhappy ship run by a captain whose First World War legend disguised incompetence, tyranny. captain pizey - the man who led destroyer attack on scharnhorst and gneisau. 29 december 1942, scapa flow, captain c t m pizey, cb, dso, rn, flag captain to the rear admiral commanding home fleet destroyers. captain pizey led the destroyer attack on the scharnhorst and gniesau, for which he was made a cb

TO The London Gazette Of TUESDAY, the 5** of AUGUST, 1947 *r Registered as a newspaper THURSDAY, 7 AUGUST, 1947 SINKING OF THE GERMAN BATTLE-CRUISER SCHARNHORST ON THE 26ra DECEMBER, 1943. The accompanying Despatch was submitted on the 2&th January, 1944, to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty by Admiral Sir BRUCE A. ERASER, K.C.B., K.B.E. Shop for scharnhorst Ships in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. Find unique gifts and other personal designs in Shapeways Miniatures Crewmen included in 1/350 German Battleship Scharnhorst!!! An appropriate accessory included in this kit is a comprehensive set of 1/350 scale crewmen. Although the figures might be small, they are highly detailed and true to scale. These plastic-injected crewmen far surpass similarly scaled two-dimensional photo-etched figures World of Warships Blitz, the mobile port of the PC game World of Warships, is also getting an Azur Lane collab of its own that adds several shipgirls as warship captains, and a special ship skin. On the 8th, battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau sighted convoy HX106 escorted by the lone battleship Ramillies south of Greenland, but declined to attack in case of possible damage. Two weeks later, five unescorted ships were sunk east of Newfoundland, before they headed for the Sierra Leone routes

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Quite frankly the KGVs get an in my opinion unfair amount of flak. Okay, the 14-in. quad turrets weren't brilliant; however, the poor performance of P of W's at the Denmark Strait is far more that she was a new, unworked up ship that hadn't even been bloody finished yet The image attached to this story cannot be viewed for moderation or technical reasons. Scharnhorst — Battle of North Cape By John G. Wass. I joined the Royal Navy in 1942 and after training as a.

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Kurt-Caesar Hoffmann (26 August 1895 - 19 May 1988) was a senior naval commander in the Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany during World War II who commanded the battleship Scharnhorst. He was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross The captain of SS Scharnhorst, 1906. Scharnhorst belonged to a class of eleven steamers known as the Generals-class.Her sisterships were the steamships Zieten, Roon, Seydlitz, Gneisenau, Bülow, York, Kleist, Goeben, Lützow and Derfflinger, all built for the German Imperial Mail Service to Australia and the Far East Initially designed to weigh 18,000 tons, it was increased to 20,000 tons and finally, 31,800 tons. It was brought into service on Jan. 7,1939. The naval career of the Scharnhorst, frequently conducted together with the Gneisenau, started under the command of Captain Ziliax and Captain Hoffmann On the foretop of the Scharnhorst Captain Kurt Cäsar Hoffmann ordered a third signal to be flashed to the Rawalpindi. This time Scharnhorst flashed the signal to Abandon your ship. Hoffmann was stunned when this signal was also ignored. He thought the Captain of the Rawalpindi to be mad

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  1. Curious, let us assume that HMS Glorious had full steam, a CAP in the air, and proper lookouts. . . . How well could she have done? Could she have disabled, sunk, or driven back both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
  2. Beginning of the Battle of the North Cape. At this point in the Battle of the North Cape, Scharnhorst was outnumbered but she was not outgunned. She mounted nine 11-inch and twelve 5.9-inch guns. The heaviest guns the cruisers could muster were the eight 8-inchers on Norfolk
  3. The German squadron stopped to rescue 38 survivors from the freezing seas. The German commanders on both Gneisenau and Scharnhorst commented on the bravery of the Captain and his crew.[10] Battleship Scharnhorst Operation Weserubung In the spring of 1940, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau covered the invasion of Norway
  4. The pre-game emails had revealed Captain Gustard-Woode to be a most entertaining character. Here's the description from Panda, the British Tank Corps commander: Captain The Honourable Roger Gustard-Woode is part of the landed gentry. His great grandfather had been influential in the development of corn thrashing machines, on the basis of.
  5. Captain Awards . Bob Hoernemann DKM Scharnhorst. Shawn Hirt - Battling since 2015. SMS Derfflinger. Other captains are joining and their photos will b
  6. Name KMS Scharnhorst Scale 1 1 235 long 31 wide Created by Philipp Project leader LostinSpace helping hand No download available View map now! The Minecraft Project, KMS Scharnhorst - scale 1:1, was posted by LostInSpace

The Scharnhorst was a German capital ship, which belonged to Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Alongside the Gneisenau of the same class, the Scharnhorst The tanker Lustrousnwas shelled and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by German battleship Scharnhorst. All crew were taken as prisoners of war At 17:03, Scharnhorst opened fire, and three minutes later a salvo of her 28 cm guns hit Rawalpindi ' s bridge, killing the captain and the majority of the officers. [15] During the brief engagement, Rawalpindi managed to score a hit on Scharnhorst , which caused minor splinter damage HMS Rawalpindi was a British armed merchant cruiser, (a converted passenger ship employed as convoy escorts, as patrol vessels, and to enforce a blockade) that was sunk in a surface action against the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau during the first months of the Second World War. Her captain was Edward Coverley Kennedy

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  1. A battle ensign is the name given to a large war ensign hoisted on a warship's mast just before going into battle.. In what could become a very confusing situation with thick clouds of gunsmoke the ensign gave additional identification, hence their large size, which for the Royal Navy in the 17th and 18th centuries was about 20 by 40 ft (6.1 by 12.2 m)
  2. Evasive maneuver. Increase survivability, concealment, but reduce speed only when carrier-based attack aircraft is returning to the carrier.-10% to max speed of carrier-based attack aircraft (debuff
  3. An 'Old' Battleship Actually Sank an Aircraft Carrier in 1940 At 4 p.m. on June 8, 1940, the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious was cruising west across the Norwegian Sea towards the British naval base of Scapa Flow when her lookout spotted two grey blips over a dozen miles away on the horizon. The.
  4. As it was carried out, Marschall's sortie against the Northern Patrol reaped limited rewards for limited risk; Scharnhorst and Gneisenau returned unscathed — in fact, unnoticed — from their first sortie, but the Allies were hardly the worse for it, and Admiral Graf Spee was doomed, with or without her captain's foolhardy bravado in the.
  5. Scharnhorst ceased firing from Caesar turret, the only one still in action, at 1820 hours. Moments later, a 14-inch APC shell struck Scharnhorst on the starboard side, penetrated the main belt, and apparently wrecked No. 1 boiler room
  6. I have just received ISW/Commander 1/350 Scharnhorst and the hullshaping and the atlantic bow is not very good. Needs carving and shaping! I think your hull will be much better, Steve! At least what I can see of your pictures. I will build the ISW Scharnhorst, but I will order your Semi-kit for Gneisenau
  7. I agree with the guys above...as an Allied captain, I'm a little bit afraid the Axis to the end guys will see how good the Scharnhorst looks on paper. Until someone actually builds one to prove otherwise, I will think the Scharny is one of the best ships you can build

There is a book--Scharnhorst, Lunch, Barnett, Thornton-- written by Francis Carter in 1931 about her ancestors. In it she has a Fredrick Wilhelm Scharnhorst (1834-1894) immigrated from Germany [Hannover] to Johnson County, Missouri about 1845, and married Nancy D. Barnett in 1859. I believe this is the book that Robert Moore had reference Read Holocaust At Sea: The Drama Of The Scharnhorst by Fritz-Otto Busch for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android

The latest Tweets from Randy A. Scharnhorst (@RandyGym15). OU Club Gymnast, Class of 2020 #boome Halifax L9512 TL-U from 35 Squadron was one of nine aircraft from the squadron to take part in a daylight bombing raid on Scharnhorst at La Rochelle on July 24th 1941. The aircraft was flown by Flight Sergeant Stanley Greaves and crew. During the attack the aircraft was shot down Her captain, Guy D'Oyly Hughes, a decorated submariner in World War I, also ordered her Swordfishes to launch raids on land targets, but air group leader J.B. Heath refused, arguing they lacked. Laid down at Kriegsmarinewerft, Wilhelmshaven on November 2, 1936, Tirpitz was the second and final ship of the Bismarck-class of battleship.Initially given the contract name G, the ship was later named for famed German naval leader Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz If you are the captain of an aircraft carrier, these are the words you do not want to hear: Enemy battleship in sight! Battleship vs Aircraft Carrier: In 1940, This Mythical Match-up Actually Happened If you are the captain of an aircraft carrier, these are the words you do not want to hear.

All these ships were modern with officers hand picked by Tirpitz himself and hand picked crews, it was the best cruiser squadron in the German navy and possibly the world. Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Nürnberg sailed for the German base at Pagan, arriving on August 11 to find several German merchant ships there This large set of ship model was built inside the Museo by a former Navy Captain. It is extremely large, and includes large set of never were warship, as well as many unidentified model. Mostly are 1/200 As Gneisenau appeared on her starboard quarter Captain Kennedy opened fire and at 17.6 Scharnhorst replied soon finding the range and making repeated hits on the AMC. Her bridge shot away , the ammunition hoists out of action no lights and on fire it was a one sided battle which the galland Rawalpindi was always going to lose

(Y) Admiral von Spees Flagship SMS Scharnhorst leads SMS Gneisenau in the opening stages of engaging the Royal Naval ships east of the Falklands, 8th December 1914. From 1911, they were deployed to Tsingtao in China, to form the spearhead of the German Asiatic Squadron under Admiral von Spee Just after 1600 hours, Rawalpindi came within range of the Scharnhorst and was quickly reduced to a flaming wreck. During this engagement Scharnhorst was hit by a 6in shell from Rawalpindi causing only light damage. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau together picked up 27 survivors from Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi finally sank around 2000 hours 1915 WWI German Scharnhorst warship sunk by British Squadron Mag Print. GERMAN BATTLESHIP SCHARNHORST AT SEA AND LIFE ABOARD - CAPTAIN, ARMAMENT etc. $15.65 Operation Ostfront (German: Eastern Front) was the sortie into the Arctic Ocean by the German battleship Scharnhorst during World War II. This operation culminated in the sinking of Scharnhorst. P. M. B. Chavasse. Captain Paul Morrison Bushe Chavasse CBE, DSC and Bar (4 January 1908 - 23 August 1994) was the 3rd Commander of the Royal Ceylon. More about the Battleship Scharnhorst-class motor ship. The Battleship Scharnhorst-class-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated this ship. This topic is categorised under: Ships » Motorships » Battleship Scharnhorst-clas

Gerhard Johann David Waitz von Scharnhorst (12 November 1755 - 28 June 1813), was a Hanoverian-born general in Prussian service from 1801. As the first Chief of the Prussian General Staff , he was noted for his military theories, his reforms of the Prussian army, and his leadership during the Napoleonic Wars The naval career of the Scharnhorst, frequently conducted together with the Gneisenau, started under the command of Captain Ziliax and Captain Hoffmann. She participated in several battles in the North Atlantic where on Nov. 28, 1939 she sank the British cruiser the Rawalpindi

At 17:03, Scharnhorst opened fire, and three minutes later a salvo of her 28 cm guns hit Rawalpindi's bridge, killing the captain and the majority of the staff. During the brief engagement, Rawalpindi managed to score at hit on Scharnhorst, which caused minor splinter damage. By 17:16, Rawalpindi was burning badly and in the process of sinking Captain Barehands Bates, who has died aged 89, played a vital role in sinking the German battleship Scharnhorst by climbing the mast of his ship to adjust its radar aerial. On Boxing Day 1943. Emden and Markomannia pulled out of the German column and steamed south. Their goal—some two thousand miles to the southwest—was the Indian Ocean. Emden made its way slowly across the southern Pacific. Eager to save coal, Müller used only six of his ship's twelve boilers, cruising in the smooth waters south of the Marianas at an average. The Royal Navy's spectacular retribution on 8th December 1914 in the First World War, for the sinking of Admiral Cradock's two ships, HMS Good Hope and Monmouth at the Battle of Coronel, with the destruction of Admiral Graf von Spee's protected cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and light cruisers, Leipzig and Nürnberg She had expended all of her ammunition, lost steam from her boilers and 600 of her crew were killed or wounded. Captain Maerker ordered her scuttled by opening the doors to the underwater torpedo tubes. At 1800 she followed the Scharnhorst but 190 survivors were rescued

Find the perfect battleship scharnhorst stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now totalwar19391945 wwii the sinking of hms glorious scharnhorst gneisenau More WWII videos at www.totalwar19391945.com The captain of the Glorious, Captain Guy D'Oyly-Hughes was a former submariner who had been executive officer of.. Admiral Maximilian von Spee was one of the most famous German sailors of the First World War, winning his fame at the battle of Coronel, the first British naval defeat for a century. He is normally described as a successful cruiser commander, but Coronel was a conventional battle between two naval squadrons SLATE INFORMATION: Meet the Men who Sank the Scharnhorst UNKNOWN: EXT ADDIS, Captain (H.M.S. Sheffield). Shot of after sinking of Scharnhorst BAIN, Captain (R.N.) Donald K. (Capt. H.M.S. Norfolk) Interview w. after SCHARNHORST sinking BURNETT, Rear Admiral Robert Lindsey. Interview w. after sinking of SCHARNHORST